25 Things That Exist For Reasons No One Knows

We have all come by things that simply exist and we have no explanation as to why. This could be a type of food combination or something simple like the gap in a toilet stall. Whatever the thing is we constantly wonder what the reason was for making it.

Below is a list of 25 things that exist for reasons no one knows.

1. 7up Cake: We will never know why someone thought 7up and cake should be mixed together. Yet here we are looking at a photo of the combination of the two. We are really curious as to what this cake is going to be like. But we are even more curious about the people who bought it and the reasons why they did.

2. Scary Car: There is simply no reason that this car should be a thing unless it’s Halloween. If we were walking down the street and saw this car we would run in the opposite direction. There is no reason for why someone thought it was a good idea to transform their car to look like this. We really wish we could meet the person who did this and ask why.

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