Tinder Releases Pictures Of 30 Most Right Swiped People

No need for People Magazine to be telling us who the most beautiful people are. Tinder has released the names and photos of 30 “easy on the eyes” users who are the most “right-swiped” people in the UK.

This gorgeous group of 30 individuals, from ages to 18 to 34 spoke exclusively with Cosmopolitan UK. They told a bit about themselves and shared what profile qualities they look for in a match, as well as what totally turns them off. They even let everyone in on some of the secrets behind their Tinder success.  

Tinder is one of the most widely used dating apps out there. Unlike apps like Grindr or HER, it caters to no sexual orientation and has an estimated 50 million users, according to Business Insider.

Tinder is all about first impressions. You have only photos and a quick bio to convey your personality and interests. Users swipe right if they’re interested in a profile, or swipe left to pass it by. Keep reading if you want some inside tips on the digital-dating world, or if you just want to see photos of these 30 incredibly good-looking, right-swiped experts.

Ellie, 22: Ellie is a student from London who loves puns. She travels, has a sense of humor and likes guys who have one too. Topless selfies are not the way to her heart.

Max, 26: An adventurous one, Max is truly interested in getting to know his dates. He’s into wholesome girls, but definitely not anyone who is full of themselves.

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