25 Pics Where One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Well, these images seem totally normal. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary here, might as well move on to the next li– What’s that? I should look closer? Psh, well what could possibly… Oh my goodness! Well, it really seems like one of these things is not like the other. Maybe I should’ve read the title before making such a definitive statement!

Luckily for you, my dearest readers, I have actually acquired diary entries from each of the things that are not like the others. Shall we explore them together?

25 Pics Where One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.

1. Day 25: They still haven’t figured out I’m a dog. It seems these humans aren’t very perceptive, as I’ve been riding the bus to work every day for the last 25 days. To make matters worse, they haven’t discovered I’m a dog yet at my job in IT. Computers keep shutting down and they keep interpreting ‘woof woof” as ‘turn it on and off.’ That seems to work every time.

2. Day 6: They still haven’t found out I’m not a sheep. I’ve been a part of the herd for some time now and these sheep seem completely oblivious. Apparently, they don’t mind if an animal barks. I guess it’s close enough to ‘baa.’

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