25 Overrated Wedding Trends That Need To Be Retired

When we attend weddings we look forward to seeing two people celebrate their love for each other. But we have to admit that there are a lot of wedding trends that are starting to get outdated. It can be watching the couple get cake in their faces or having to buy your own drinks at the bar. No matter what these wedding trends are, we’re sick of them!

Below is a list of 25 overrated wedding trends that need to be retired.

1. The Cash Bar: For guests at a wedding there is one thing they look forward to compared to all else, that’s an open bar. When guests arrive and they find out that it’s actually a cash bar, they are severely disappointed. This is over-rated one wedding trend that really needs to retire.

2. The Sweetheart Table: This table makes for uncomfortable experiences all around. The couple is sitting up there looking at all their guests staring directly at them. Plus anyone who is at that head table is forced to have themselves on display also. Which is why this is one overrated wedding trend that needs to retire.

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