25 Genius Discoveries The Internet Blessed Us With

Ever saw a picture online and thought: “man, HOW did I ever live without that?” or “wow, WHY didn’t I come up with that before?”. It’s because the Internet was busy doing the work for you, silly! Like a modern-day Prometheus, these online Einsteins have graciously imparted to us mere mortals the fire of knowledge that are these brilliant posts.

Get ready to slap that forehead of yours with jaw-agape disbelief because whether you call it a life hack, a trick or just a straight up good idea, here are 25 of the most genius discoveries that have come from the lagoon of learning that is the Internet.

1. Carrying bags up the stairs. This high-rise dweller has a hack for all those who live above the first floor. Lugging those heavy plastic bags up several flights of stairs is tedious and sometimes just downright unmanageable. However, just loop a carabiner around the bag handles and voila! From cumbersome, unwieldy and awkward to efficient, easy, and best of all, genius.

2. PBJ 2.0. Creators of some recent film reboots can tell you that putting a twist on a classic is not always well received, however, this updated version of the lunchtime staple is more than welcome. Why settle for two flavors when you can have nine, asks this dad. Talk about Father of the Year.

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