25 Objects You Need To Throw Away Right Now

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded springtime. Not quite warm enough to be as nice as summer and all the snow from winter has turned to grey, smelly, watery slush. Yes, when the sky is grey, the days are dreary and there is only hope on the horizon, what better time to clean up your disgusting house? But what do you throw out? Certainly, not those water jugs you’ve been peeing in to avoid touching your cold floor, those have nostalgic value!

Don’t worry, you can keep the pee jugs, cause thanks to Bestie you’ll never have to do any thinking for yourself ever again.

This is 25 Objects You Need To Throw Away Right Now!

1. Pancake Mix. Wait one minute before grabbing those cleaning supplies because it’s time to hit the pantry. First, get rid of that old pancake mix. Snopes.com says that pancake mix can produce mold. Mold can produce not only gross pancakes but can be life-threatening as well.

2. Potatoes. While potatoes aren’t as deadly as the dastardly pancake mix, they can still pose major health risks. A 2013 report by the Daily Mail says that once a family was killed by rotten potato fumes. So toss those yucky russets out ASAP. You know, before you die.

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