Try These Homemade Aloe Vera Wipes To Remove Your Makeup And Refresh Your Skin

Taking care of your skin can be super expensive, especially if you’re into top quality brands. Between cleansers, toners and moisturizers, every single pump of product you put into your hand is another few dollars gone. Luckily, we’ve got some social media gurus out there who can let us in on some pretty neat tricks.

What’s the best part about Instagram for beauty lovers? It’s all the talented, creative influencers out there sharing their wealth of knowledge! What could be more convenient than 15-second tutorials on life-changing hacks? Makeup and beauty influencer, Caro Losada, shared one of these hacks on her Instagram page recently. This simple yet genius homemade recipe will help cut some of the cost when it comes to your skincare routine.   

The video explains how to make homemade makeup removing wipes. She calls the hack a “lifesaver” and notes it’s a natural recipe which is great for sensitive skin. She uses two simple ingredients that are easy to get your hands on: an aloe vera plant and extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil is a multi-duty product. You can put it on salads, in your hair, use it for cooking and it’s even great for your face. ‘Olive oil grabs onto other oil-based products, making it a great makeup remover,’ said dermatologist Julie Russak, who spoke to Women’s Health. Stubborn eye makeup doesn’t stand a chance with this ingredient. It’s inexpensive and you can find it at just about any grocery store.

But it’s aloe vera that serves as the main ingredient for this useful, do-it-yourself brew. When you think of aloe vera, you probably think of that bright green jelly you rub all over your body to soothe a pesky sunburn. It’s true that aloe vera is used mostly for soothing burns, sunburns and healing wounds. However, research shows that the plant is also great for nurturing your skin. It’s known for its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, according to PubMed. This recipe works best with aloe gel straight from the plant. You can buy an aloe plant almost anywhere that sells greenery.

According to Losada’s video, you begin by splitting one aloe vera leaf in half vertically. You then take a spoon and scoop out all of the plant’s clear gel from the middle and put the gel straight into a blender. When the gel gets to a foamy white consistency, add in ⅔ cup of extra virgin olive oil. Then take your concoction and put it into a sealable container. Finally, put a stack of clean cotton pads into the mixture to soak up the solution. You can use a soaked pad any time you want to remove your makeup: it’s that simple! Losada also added a face mask to top off the routine for added moisture. 

‘The good thing about this is that you can save it for a week or two,’ Losada wrote in her caption. She calls this trick a “lifesaver” when you don’t have any micellar water or expensive makeup removing products. So try this simple, cheap and effective beauty hack the next time you need some makeup wipes!

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