28 People Who Randomly Overheard The Most Hilarious Conversations Ever

Let’s face it: we’re all kind of nosy. No matter how much we tell ourselves we “hate drama,” we’ve all deliberately overheard conversations that were none of our business. And several older Reddit threads explore that guilty pleasure by asking people for the funniest/most memorable conversations they’ve overheard. Here are 28 of the best!

1) “I overheard one gentleman telling another that he could “pop a wheelie in this bad boy.” The “bad boy” he was referring to his wheelchair. I had to introduce myself because that is the type of person I need in my life.” (tigerstripedlight)

2) “I was at Taco Bell behind a family, and their young son had just finished a football game and was all smiles. Grandson: “Grandma, did you know we tied the first place team?” Grandma: “Did you know your grandpa died?”’ (FromDaHood)

3) “I heard this gem when I was at the movies:
“Just wait until your dad hears about this.”
“Mom! It’s not that big of a deal.”
“What you did was disgusting. It was a betrayal of my trust. It was a betrayal of everything I believe in but, most, of all you betrayed yourself. Once you have the two together, you can never enjoy the one without the other.”
“Mom!” Drawn out into about 30 syllables.
“It’s no skin off my nose. I’ve never done what you did. You are never going to go back to a time that you haven’t done this.”
At this point, I am dying to know what this kid did and I’m trying to stay near enough in the crowd to hopefully find out when they are joined by the father.
The mother points accusingly at the kid,
“He had a soda in the movie theater.”
“Mom, it wasn’t a soda; it was a lemonade!”
“You’ve mixed sugar and the movies. Now you will constantly want to snack while you’re watching a movie. You know I raised you never to eat in front of a screen.”’ (Griffinsilver)

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