25 Photos That Prove Geniuses Walk Among Us

Have you ever thought of a super creative solution to a problem you’re facing and thought, “damn, I am so smart.” Even if it’s just a minor inconvenience and the solution is over-the-top you still feel like you accomplished something noteworthy. Here are a few people whose inventive spirit will inspire you (or at the very least make you laugh):

1) If this first post doesn’t fill your heart with joy and renew your sense of hope, there’s something wrong with you. We’ve all experienced waiting for a much-anticipated package and have been sorely disappointed when the delivery person happens to show up when we’re not home. You wait around all day staring out of your window and no one shows up but the moment you leave the house for 5 minutes to run an errand, your package arrives and has to be dropped off at a pickup location. It’s definitely up there in the top 5 most annoying situations. Well, here’s a beautiful story of literally the best amazon delivery person who, not only didn’t want the customer to experience this inconvenience but went the extra mile to ensure the package was safe. I bet you wish all amazon delivery people were like this one. Hats off to you, my guy. If he doesn’t deserve an employee of the decade award, no one does.

2) Whoever was responsible for creating the packaging for these noodles had way too much fun in the process. Check out the barcode in the shape of noodles and chopsticks picking some of the bars up. If you can make your work somewhat enjoyable then why wouldn’t you?

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